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Private, Group, On-Demand, Online, or At Home Class?

January 1 - December 31


Wondering what are the different classes formats available at Rohilia?

Well, here’s what we offer:

Private: These classes will be set-up at your own schedule. In these sessions, you will have all your questions answered and receive individualized practice corrections. The nature of this class is more personable and interactive. The class fee will be slightly higher than group classes.

Group: Group classes will be set-up according to a specific schedule and promoted months or weeks in advance. The class may include 5+ students.

On-Demand: Even if a class you’re interested in is not scheduled, you can ask for it, and it will be set-up according to your schedule. The class will be private for you, and its fee will be slightly higher than group, pre-scheduled classes.

In-Person: All the hatha yoga practices are offered in-person. Only beginner/upa yoga/specific online programs are available online. These in-person classes can be either private or group classes.

Online: These classes are usually offered over Zoom. Only beginner/upa yoga/other specific online programs are available in this format. These online classes can be either private or group classes.

At Home: This format is only available to Rohilia’s students along with their family and friends. The teacher will travel to and offer the class at the student’s home. The class fee will be slightly higher since the class will be private and to include the teacher’s travel time and costs. If the student opens their residence to accommodate a group class that they are eligible for, their class fee will be waived.

These are the different classes formats available. If you are still wondering what is the best one for you or have questions, please contact us here.


Our classes are by appointment only (no walk-ins). Also, they are more like mini-workshops: you don’t only do the practices, but also learn them thoroughly so you can do them at home. Classes are generally comprised of multiple sessions, with 1.5 hours or more per session.

After you learn these practices, review and guided sessions are available.

Our sessions also include lifetime support and joining a WhatsApp group of like-minded community.


Nada completed 1750 hours of classical Hatha Yoga training in India, at the Isha Yoga Center, under the supervision of Sadhguru.

Sadhguru is  an accomplished yogi of the highest order who has mastered this science and improved the lives of millions worldwide. With his knowledge of the human and energy systems, each posture, breathing pattern, and sequence of postures in the practices we offer has specific positive effects on the body, mind, emotions, and energy.

Moreover, our Hatha Yoga practices do not require any fitness level or prior yoga experience. Practices with different intensity levels and impacts are available to accommodate various needs.

To find the Hatha Yoga practice that fits your needs, please check here.

For the pre-scheduled classes, please check here.

If you want to schedule a class or have any questions, please email us here or call/text Nada at: 407-808-1194.

Note: Our classes are currently offered in Clearwater/Tampa Bay and Orlando, Florida.

Namaskaram/Namaste 🙏


January 1
December 31

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