Mind Bootcamp: Train Your Mind & Visualization Skills

Rohilia ONLINE

On-demand and ongoing, in this class, we teach techniques to train the mind to focus and visualize and offer practice exercises to hone these skills. Preparatory yoga for health, relaxation,…


Eat Like a Yogi

Rohilia ONLINE

On-demand and ongoing, this is a hands on class where we learn how to cook delicious and nutritious vegetarian/vegan/raw meals and the tools to make it a lifestyle. Designed for…

Sun Salutation Program (Surya Kriya) – SPECIAL

In-Person Clearwater, FL, United States

SPECIAL: bring someone along and save $100/person. Experience this authentic Hatha Yoga program known in Sanskrit as Surya Kriya. It has been transmitted by an accomplished Indian Yogi - Sadhguru.…

Yoga for Beginners

Rohilia ONLINE

Relax, relieve stress, and rejuvenate the body. joints lubrication back strength neck pain lungs & immunity pranayama/breathing sound yoga meditations health tips You will not only do these practices, but…


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