“Love Is in the Air!” Or is it?

Happy Valentine’s Day! The day of “love!” And love is in the air! Now, is it? Here, I would like to suggest that it is not, and that instead it is something that you can blow yourself into the air whenever you wish so!

Love is a beautiful emotion

Falling in love with someone or loving a brother/sister, a friend, or a pet is a beautiful thing. It is so beautiful that it was described as the oxygen that we need to live or that which makes life sweet like honey – even with all its heartaches.

Is an outside object responsible for feeling love?

I love this quote from Albert Einstein who says: “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”

So what is responsible? Is it something or someone who touches your heart? You see a beautiful sunshine, and you feel love; Or you meet someone or a cute pet and uncontrollably and unpredictably, you fall in love; Or you grow up with or get to know someone or something over a period of time, and by nurture you feel love.

From my examples above, you can see that many objects can stimulate this feeling, but the common denominator in all these situations is always you. You are the one who is feeling love. You are the one who is generating this feeling. This feeling is coming from within you. The outside objects are just triggers, but you are responsible for this pleasant emotion.

What is true love?

True love is unconditional and not driven by something or another.

If I love because: it is driven by my hormones; I want to be loved; I want to be at ease/myself with someone; I feel incomplete or lonely; I am looking for something or someone to open my heart so I can feel; I need to feel important, recognized, or needed; I want someone or something to fulfill certain needs, etc. This seems to be more of a transactional love.

Conversely, true love is loving without asking for or expecting anything in return. It is about accepting the other without judgement or asking them to change. Outside of personal relationships, true love is also inclusive, not discriminating or selective. It is a quality of being – like a flower that offers its fragrance, regardless of its struggle to grow or who is passing by or sniffing it.

How to make your emotions sweet without an object?

I suggested above that love is an emotion that you generate from within, and it is a quality of being. If you agree with this, then how can one cultivate this quality or generate this feeling on demand, without a push button, without being dependent on someone, something, or outside factors as a crutch, and blow love in the air when one wishes to?

I propose the following:

  • Be a Mother. This is a “mother” with a capital “M.” It is not gender-based, but a quality. If you can see something or someone as your own child, then you can provide them with what is needed – sometimes sweetly, sometimes harshly, whatever the situation needs – but with love and no strings attached. I don’t have kids, but I have a canary bird that I adore! So I practice this suggestion by transposing how I feel about my bird on someone I am working with. Automatically, my emotions become sweeter, and my behavior with them changes. Thus, if you don’t have kids, choose someone/pet that you love and see others through them.

  • Do yoga. The authentic yoga that comes to us from the east is a science that includes practices to open-up your heart. It does so by kneading the body, dislocating energy knots, and releasing karma from the energy field. It prepares the body and the spine to receive higher energies and clears the pathways to higher consciousness and perceptions. It helps yield the unconscious conscious for one to heal and realize their True Self. Through this process of disentanglements and chakras’ opening comes pleasantness of emotion.

  • Be a devotee. I think devotion or faith is “unconditional love.” You see the Intelligence of creation everywhere, and you just give in, without proof or the capability to understand or fathom it. You see everything as bigger than you. You trust and give in, just like falling in love. At one point, you may realize unconditional love is the way things are. It is the Truth. Everything else is a fabrication or an illusion. You may realize you are absolutely a no-body and a no-thing – you are unconditional love.

Sweetness of emotion within you that is not driven by an object – if you haven’t experienced it, I would say you haven’t realized your full potential as a human, as a life.

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