Ancient ONE, We Need YOU!

Many of us want to be loving and helping others, especially when we are on the spiritual path. But it is not the way. In order for us to help others, our environment, and the world, we have to heal our own shadows and distance ourselves from our karma. I wrote the poem below as I saw one of my classmates struggle about her path. I replaced her name with mine here, and you can replace my name with yours. My destiny and the destiny of the whole world is truly in YOUR hands…

Stop it Nada!
Stop this non-sense!
We don’t need you to “be” compassionate
We don’t need you to heal our imbalances and traumas

We need YOU, ancient one
We need YOU

We need you to be compassionate towards yourself
… to heal your own shadows
… to take off these illusions and perceptions
… to stop looking outward and go inward
… to peel all these heavy layers
So we can find expression through you and as you

We need you, the air needs you, the water needs you
The earth needs you, the whole cosmos needs you

Remember who we are ancient one
Remember and remove the veil
Let us find expression

When you do so, you no longer need to “be” compassionate
As you will exude compassion, you are compassion
You no longer need to heal anyone
As you will be the medicine and
we all heal in your sacred space

You who are known by Nada and other thousand names
You are the unnamable one
We love you, we are you
Heal us all by healing yourself
Free us all by freeing yourself

It all begins and ends with you
Our destiny is in your hands and yours alone
Please find us expression … luminous ONE!

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* Featured image credit: Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck by Villoldo, Baron-Reid, Lobos.

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