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We welcome you to Rohilia’s Clearwater, Florida, studio and look forward to serving you through our proven and powerful self-transformation tools.


Hatha Yoga

We bring to you the classical, un-westernized Hatha Yoga, renowned not just for its physical benefits but also for fostering tranquility, nurturing harmony, and deepening insight, guiding you through a transformative spiritual journey.

Wellness Products

Coming Soon! We offer an array of organic products to relax your nerves, relieve pain, or re-vitalize your spirit.

Nada's Journey and the Rise of Rohilia

Name and Logo Origins

During my time in India, I met someone named “Rohil.” I thought the sound of this word is beautiful. When I looked into it, to my surprise, I discovered it is both Arabic and Indian! On top of that, it means “ascended” or “journey!” And I definitely intend for my company to help empower people to rise above their limitations and reach higher possibilities in their life. This is where “Rohilia” comes from. The logo reflects my work’s intention with the wings, and the lotus at the top, crown chakra where enlightenment happens. The arrow in the middle is inspired by the native American culture, depicting courage and focus.

Unlock Mystical Wisdom & Soar


Captured Moments


Voices of the Rohilia Community

My sessions with Nada were refreshingly effective and relaxing. It was a wonderful opportunity to help me loosen the self-inflicted mental hold so I could be more at ease and let go of all fear.

Javier J.

Javier J.

What a truly amazing experience in the art of yoga…The knowledge we gained will stay with us the rest of our lives, and the experience will continue to enhance each day to enable our minds and body to become more limber.

Kathy T.

Kathy T.

Yoga for Beginners really helped me with my neck and shoulders’ stiffness. The breathing practices were also very effective in increasing my lungs’ capacity. I also did a coaching session, and I felt great afterwards. There was a positive shift in how I feel about the issue we worked on.

Abir S.

Abir S.


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    Just BE

    “My soul’s mission is to reignite your excitement for life, guiding you to find meaning and purpose through services that foster stillness, clarity of perception, and a deep connection with your inner self and soulful desires.

    The ultimate goal is to help you realize that all suffering is nothing but a call from the Divine, beckoning you to look inward, to embrace your True Self, and simply BE; to dissolve feelings of separateness and loneliness and embrace interconnectedness with all that there is.”

    – Nada Sleem

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