Be Like Shiva: Destroy and Uncreate Your Life

Do you want to start every day anew with the ability to see and create new possibilities – spiritually, in your relationships, in your financial situation, etc.?

Everything that you are today is nothing but an accumulation of memories, ideas, judgements, beliefs, obligations, projections, decisions, expectations, etc.

To have the opportunity to create something totally new, you have to destroy and uncreate everything that you created/accumulated.

How you do this? In one of the Satsangs, Sadhguru shared a visualization where you imagine yourself inflamed in fire, burning everything that you created (see below video). I compound this with an affirmation I learned: “Everything I was today/yesterday (depending if I am doing it before bed or in the morning), I now destroy and uncreate.” I keep repeating it silently along with the visualization. I imagine my thoughts, beliefs, what I did right or wrong during the day, upsets….all combusting into thin air (without getting stuck on or identifying a specific memory).

Spiritually, Sadhguru says if you burn everything that you create, you will be in the grace of the creator!  

Be like Shiva, create new possibilities for your life by destroying what you created and starting afresh every day.

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