Powerful yoga, breathing, and meditation practices to prepare the body for an easy delivery and strengthen the child’s neurological development.

A series of 31 dynamic processes to invigorate the body and reach peak physical fitness and mental health.

A potent 21-step yogic practice of tremendous antiquity to boost your vigor and vitality. It is the original version of “Sun Salutation.”

A set of 21 powerful postures through which one can elevate one’s consciousness and manipulate energies.

A process to purify earth, water, wind, fire, and space elements within the human system. It roots out imbalances in the body and prepares it for yoga.

An 18-step process to energize the system to a different dimension.

A set of practices to cleanse the energy channels in the system, leading to balanced thoughts, emotions, and actions.

A set of practices that aim at helping you reach the ultimate through the use of your emotions or the path of devotion.

Powerful practices for spiritual growth, mental and emotional stability, and inner pleasantness.

Using a spiritual process to bring you to a Whole-Brain State in order to change subconscious limiting beliefs, activate the body’s natural self-healing properties, and create a gateway to higher consciousness. This is a powerful process that transcends the standard methods of willpower, positive thinking, visualization, and affirmations. The result is a joyful life.

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