Energy Psychology: Shamanic Practices

The Energy Medicine we practice is based on the ancient shamanic wisdom teachings of the Inkas (builders of Machu Picchu). Inka shamans are one of the great civilizations of the Americas and practiced energy medicine for more than five thousands years. The main goal of energy healing is to restore harmony and balance.

Benefits include:

  • Releasing painful childhood memories or traumas
  • Changing thought or behavioral patterns that no longer serve you
  • Alleviating suffering from pain or physical problems
  • Resolving difficulties within relationships
  • More easily navigating through a major life change
  • Restoring joy and vitality after a loss or trauma
  • Discovering individual direction or purpose
  • Releasing repetitive themes or curses in the family line
  • Preparing for death

The focus of my work is to bring exuberance back to life!
Nada Sleem

Who Are the Inka Shamans and Any Similarities with the Ancient Yogis?

When I started learning the shamanic practices, I realized many similarities with the ancient yoga I teach. I was astounded at first because yoga originated in the Himalayas, while the Inka traditions are from South America. After doing some research, I found anthropologists who believe that shamans of the Tibet and Americas are ancestors of these ancient yogis from the Himalayas. They were wandering yogis known as “sramans” who left to Siberia and later crossed the Bering Strait into America. Moreover, “sraman” could have become “shaman” in Siberia, which means someone who “mediates between the visible world of humans and the invisible worlds of energy and spirit.”

Similarities with the yogis:

  • Both seek to heal themselves through their discipline and to express their fullest human potential
  • Both believe the experience of the Divine or Self can only be attained by a direct and personal realization through the practice and not through someone’s teachings or from a book (this also means, there is no need for a mediator between you and Spirit)
  • Both believe liberation can happen in a single lifetime
  • Both revere the feminine aspect of the Divine, Devi, and follow a more feminine path to Spirit
  • Both seek to be in union with the Divine by working towards higher states of consciousness. These states would help one experience their true Self and nature as Spirit by disidentifying with their ego and personality, the body and the mind, personal stories and identities, karma, and family histories


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How Shamanic Energy Medicine Work

Inka shamans state there are four levels of creation – body, mind, soul and spirit. Each level is informed by the level above it:

The mind informs the body

The soul informs the mind, which informs the body

The spirit informs the soul, which informs the mind, which informs the body

Western medicine works at the level of the body. It works to cure the body whenever a disease or illness occurs with a specific chemical remedy. Psychologists and philosophers work at the level of the mind, working with words and emotions (such as affirmations that require around 10.000 repetitions). Poetry, imagery, prayers, and ceremonies work at the level of the soul, using symbols, myths, and visualizations. However, energy medicine works at the level of the Spirit, with pure energy. We work with what is called the luminous energy field or LEF.

This LEF is also called Aura, a membrane of light. It was documented by Indian and Tibetan mystics thousands of years ago. Physics today also state that the entire universe is made up of vibration and light. We are light bound into living matter. Just like our electrons, we have both a particle state – the body – and a field state – energy field.

Our LEF surrounds the body and has the blueprint that organizes our physical and emotional lives, just like a software that informs the hardware – our DNA in this case. In the LEF exists all the genetic memories (such as the heart or breast conditions) and the emotional dramas that cut across generations. Karma of past lives and imprints we have accumulated in this lifetime through our own experiences and traumas are also encoded in the LEF. Thus, the LEF has information and instructions on how our body is built and how our emotions, actions and behaviors will manifest, predisposing us to certain health conditions, and certain toxic emotions, behaviors and/or beliefs.

In Energy Medicine, we work on finding these imprints, karma or toxic energies and clearing them energetically, changing the blueprint of our LEF. By upgrading the quality of the information in our LEF, we can heal our bodies, prevent disease and/or heal toxic emotions and repeated poor behaviors. We can transform our lives by no longer being defined by our past, our culture, our society, our parents, our wounds and stories. We become the authors of our own destiny.

Techniques to bring balance and exuberance back to life


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    “My soul’s mission is to raise consciousness and clarity of perception by offering services that assist in disengaging from the mind and subconscious’ junk.

    The ultimate goal is to help you realize that all suffering is nothing but a call from the Divine, beckoning you to look inward and realize your True Self and the illusion of separateness and loneliness so you feel connected and BE unconditional love.”

    – Nada Sleem

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