Beginner Yoga

Bring Body to Ease, Alertness, and Liveliness

Beginner/Upa Yoga essentially means “sub-yoga” or “pre-yoga.” It is a simple, yet powerful system of practices that activate the joints, muscles, and energy system. Based on a sophisticated understanding of the body’s mechanics, Upa Yoga brings great ease to the whole system. It relieves physical stress and tiredness. Within the human system, the energy flows along 72,000 pathways called nadis. At the joints, the nadis form energy nodes, making the joints into storehouses of energy. Upa Yoga activates this energy and also lubricates the joints, creating an instant sense of alertness and liveliness. It rejuvenates the body after a period of inactivity and negates the effects of jetlag and long travel.

Benefits include:

  • Relieves physical stress and tiredness
  • Strengthens the joints and muscles
  • Rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity
  • Negates the effects of jetlag and long travel

Intensity Level: Low

Practice Duration: 30 min

No experience of yoga necessary

In-Person/Online Class Sessions: Minimum 1, 

2 hrs/session

Optional: add yogic food review 

By registration only

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Here's what Sadhguru says about the significance of this practice:
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