Classical Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Experience Joy, Peace, and Aliveness

Stop DOING and just BE.

Experience the power of hitting PAUSE and allowing your body and mind to process, heal, realign, REST and RELAX.

Watching movies and going on vacations is not rest. Hatha Yoga is a scientific method to truly relax and start the healing process needed within you. With yoga, you can experience a tremendous amount of energy. This kind of energy and rest in your system can get you clarity of mind and perception to live a more intentional life.

What Is Yoga/Hatha Yoga

In the West, yoga is perceived as a flexibility practice, and it has been altered from its original form in many ways. Yoga, in its original form, is an ancient science, that goes back to over 15,000 years. It was imparted to us by Adiyogi (the first yogi). It is said that he taught it to seven disciples who spread this knowledge to different parts of the world. It is a science, not a religion, that offers wellbeing on all levels of the body, mind, and energy.

Those who want wellbeing on a spiritual level, yoga is also a ladder to the Divine. In Sanskrit, "yoga" means union. Moreover, “ha" means sun and "tha” means moon. So "hatha" also means the yoga to bring balance between the sun and the moon in you, which refer to your masculine and feminine energies. Hatha Yoga brings you into a balanced state and prepares your body and mind to experience everything inside and outside of you as one and to experience union with the Divine.

Experience the Ancient Science of Hatha Yoga

My name is Nada, and I learned this science, not only theoretically, but as a living experience. I went to the sacred Velliangiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu, in Southern India, where Adiyogi, Shiva himself, is said to have spent time thousands of years ago. I lived around that powerful energy for about 6 months and learned the classical practice in its pure form. I completed 1750 hours of training at the Isha Yoga Center under the supervision of Sadhguru, an accomplished yogi of the highest order.

Yoga is the science of activating your inner energies to such a vibrant and exuberant state that your body, mind, and emotions function at their highest peaks. Sadhguru

Evidence-Based Practices

brain health research & clinical trials

The effectiveness and transformative power of Sadhguru’s yoga and meditation practices aren’t just anecdotal. They are supported by scientific research. For those interested in the empirical evidence backing these techniques, feel free to explore the comprehensive research here:

Classes & Programs

View scheduled programs in our ‘Classes‘ section or book an On-Demand session by appointment. Our workshops equip you with a deep understanding of yoga practices for lifelong personal use. After completion, benefit from our lifetime support and optional refresher sessions.

Low intensity

Foundational Classes

Low Intensity

Pregnancy Yoga

Low Intensity

Meditation, Chants, Breathing

Moderate Intensity

Energy, Balance, Focus

Evolution, Stability, Rejuvenation

High Intensity

Fitness, Agility, Stamina

Specialized classes for specific wellbeing goals (e.g., restricted mobility, corporate relaxation or achievement, etc.) and for relieving certain ailments (e.g., anxiety/PTSD, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, pain management, etc.) are also available.


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    Just BE

    “My soul’s mission is to raise consciousness and clarity of perception by offering services that assist in disengaging from the mind and subconscious’ junk.

    The ultimate goal is to help you realize that all suffering is nothing but a call from the Divine, beckoning you to look inward and realize your True Self and the illusion of separateness and loneliness so you feel connected and BE unconditional love.”

    – Nada Sleem

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