Mantra & Nada Yoga and Meditation

According to modern science, the whole existence is a vibration. A vibration is fundamentally a kind of sound. This essentially means that the whole existence is an amalgamation of sounds. In the yogic system, a few of these sounds have been identified as keys to access deeper dimensions life.

Such sounds, either in the form of a mantra (Mantra Yoga) or chant (Nada Yoga – Nada in Sanskrit means sound or music), are used to activate a particular kind of energy in different parts of the body to bring body, mind, and emotional stability and pleasantness.

Mantra and Nada Yoga also help you to become meditative. Other powerful meditation practices are also offered as tools for spiritual growth, taking one beyond the limitations of body and mind. However, it is crucial to mention that meditation is not a process that you do. It is rather a quality that you cultivate. The Hatha Yoga practices we teach prepare you to become meditative and even ready for Samyama (a higher state of perception and awareness; Also, an advanced program offered by the Isha Foundation).

Benefits include:

  • Helps to stabilize the body and mind
  • Helps to come out of psychological disturbances
  • Relieves excessive fear, nightmares, and unstable mind
  • Remedies attention disorders
  • Helps to bring resolve in life
  • Enhances feelings of peace and pleasantness 
  • Increases self-awareness

Practice Duration: 20+ minutes

In-Person Class Sessions: 1-3, 1 hr/session

Optional: add yogic food review 

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Here's what Sadhguru says about the power of sound:
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