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To heal my own wounds and challenges, I learned several wellness processes that I use today to facilitate health and spiritual evolution to others. I learned the ancient practices of Hatha Yoga from the east. I also learned psychosomatic processes and plant medicine (nutrition) native to the people of the Americas. This ancient wisdom is combined with cutting-edge neuroscience to offer you a holistic approach to your wellbeing – at the level of the body, mind/emotions, soul/subconscious, and spirit.

Heal Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit

In ancient traditions, it is believed that there is no disease, but only sick people. So, we work on healing the person, using the four levels of perception: body, mind, soul, and spirit. However, no one can heal you, except you. We will facilitate the process and not strip you of your power by telling you what to/not to do, feel, or think. We will hold sacred space for you and help you access the wisdom needed to heal. We will assist you to discover the root of your challenge and the stories or beliefs that are attached to it. Once the issue or the stories are illuminated, we will work on transcending them. 

Benefits include:

  • Releasing painful childhood memories or traumas
  • Changing thought or behavioral patterns that no longer serve you
  • Alleviating suffering from pain or physical problems
  • Resolving difficulties within relationships
  • More easily navigating through a major life change
  • Discovering individual direction or purpose
  • Releasing repetitive themes or curses in the family line
  • Preparing for death

The Four Levels of Perception

There are four levels of perceptions that we work with, which make our approach holistic: body, mind, soul (or subconscious mind), and spirit. And each level is informed by the level above it: Spirit informs the soul, which informs the mind; And the mind informs the body.


at the four levels of perception

In-person or remotely, by appointment only; Individual sessions or packages available; A session may include a combination of services, depending on the issue at hand.


to ground and connect with nature

Upgrade Your Body & Brain

To transcend our toxic emotions, find psychosomatic health, or even increase our consciousness and have a chance at enlightenment, we need to attend to our food and understand its effect on the brain and genes. Learn how to reclaim your health and wellbeing by clearing the gunk from your cells. Learn how to activate the areas of the brain responsible for change and spiritual experiences. Learn how to age gracefully and keep your vitality, physically, cognitively, and sexually. Learn how to stop producing stress molecules and start producing bliss molecules. This is grounded in both cutting edge biochemistry and ancient wisdom.

Harmonize Your Energy & Relax!

To reset the “fight or flight” response so your body can function more effectively and with greater harmony, balancing the chakras is important. Chakras control the flow of energy in the system and regulate behavior, thoughts, and emotions by being connected to the major endocrine glands and nerve plexuses. This includes practices to cleanse and strengthen the energy field and reset your nervous system, such as pranayama/breath-work. For cleansing the 5 elements (earth, water, air, fire, and space) in the body to root out any imbalances, Bhuta Shuddhi would be recommended.


to become fearless and peaceful

Overcome Fears & Traumas

Once you understand that you have a body, but you’re not your body; once you experience that you are energy and energy never truly dies, you become fearless. This includes practices that would allow you to distance yourself from the emotions and memories and break free from cause and effect. Even fear of death will dissipate. You will also learn about your shadows and projections and how to come into right relationship with your parents and/or ancestors so you don’t have to repeat or live their stories or dramas and hurdle your growth. These processes will help you heal, and your healing is your best armor to feel safe, protected, and unaffected by what’s happening around you.



Become the Storyteller, Not the Story

The language of the soul or subconscious mind is symbolism and myths. Change your current internal map by using ancient, deeply ingrained forms in our psyche that give meaning to our life and influence our imagination, perception, and thinking. This includes using archetypes and power animals, dreamwork, sand painting/mandala, and tools for prayers and offering of symbolic elements to bring energy shifts, healing, balance, and wholeness to a situation. We will use these processes to change our stories. We become the storytellers and not our stories.



Let Go of Control

Learn how to let go of control and give-in to something bigger than you. Learn how to get out of the way so that the life and divinity within you can find expression and your ultimate purpose be revealed. This will include specific hatha yoga and meditation practices.

We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein


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    Just BE

    “My soul’s mission is to raise consciousness and clarity of perception by offering services that assist in disengaging from the mind and subconscious’ junk.

    The ultimate goal is to help you realize that all suffering is nothing but a call from the Divine, beckoning you to look inward and realize your True Self and the illusion of separateness and loneliness so you feel connected and BE unconditional love.”

    – Nada Sleem

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