Ceremonies work with symbolism and are the language of the soul. They shift energies to bring balance and harmony.

This process sets the Luminous body free so one can return to the Spirit world joyfully, painlessly, and consciously. This also helps bringing closure for the deceased loved ones.

This is a process for reading destiny (not fortune telling) through different means and providing clarity and guidance for questions you need help with.

This process resolves any inherited issues or problems you have with your parents or ancestors. This way you don’t have to re-live their stories or dramas and hurdle your growth.

This process recovers lost parts of your soul that fled due to a past wound or trauma so you are whole again, and your healing is accelerated.

This process removes intrusive energies or entities from the body and Light Energy Field that may be obstructing your wellbeing.

This process eliminates the negative and toxic imprints from the Light Energy Field, kickstarting its natural healing systems.

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