Why Be a Drop When You Can Be the Ocean?

Last night, it was the last Full Moon Flirtations with Sadhguru, and this is one of the things he asked: why be a drop when you can be the ocean?

I cried as I felt my heart aches from longing to be the ocean; to experience oneness; to be touched by Grace. I know all of us, consciously or unconsciously, want the same thing. We just created this bondage, lying to ourselves believing that we are our body, mind, and emotions. We struggle with our day-to-day challenges, again lying to ourselves believing that we are victims of outside events and people.


How Do We Move From Untruth to Truth?

How do we move from untruth to truth? And how do we know it is the truth? Sadhguru says we know we are in truth when our experience of life is no longer based on the outside. When our joy, peace, and love are no longer determined by other people or washed away by the drama and the outside events that are happening. When we feel this way regardless of what’s going on around us, we know we are in truth.

As to how we get there, I know it starts with a choice and determination to be on that path. The choice also includes the courage to face the truth about ourselves. It is about diligently working on or discovering our shadows. It is about recognizing that what we express as anxiety, emotional or mental distress, or even pain or disease are symptoms and not the root of our challenges. It is about working on and discovering the main causes and assuming responsibility of our life – that we are responsible for getting us into these situations, and we are also responsible for getting us out of them.

This has been my journey all along, and what I am trying to accomplish for others through Rohilia. From my own experience, I say if you stay focused on this path, you will become lighter, and your life will flow with much more ease, joy, and peace. I believe this is also the path to enlightenment for those of you who are serious spiritual seekers.

Let’s make a choice to move from untruth to truth and make it our resolution, not only for 2022 but for life!

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